Sunday, July 31, 2011

treize: What Will You Do When the Bees Are Gone?

Fuji Astia
Escalante, Utah
July 2011

"You blame China. You blame India. You blame America. You blame the CEOs, the oil companies, the vague and incoherent system, the international regulatory regimes, the hypocrisy of the left, the righteous of the right, the educators, the economy, your parents, your childhood, your job, your bank account, your mental health, your government, everyone and everything but yourself. Wake up! This is no joke. This is actually happening and your five planet lifestyle is the primary cause of it."

Read this in Adbusters the other morning while at coffee. Why is it starting to feel like everyone is thinking this way but nothing is changing? I'm not sure what we're waiting for. Organization? The next Martin Luther King, Jr? More beauty to disappear as we stand by watching it all happen?

This photo is another from our camping trip to Escalante. We made our home underneath the alcove you see here. At night, it eclipsed half of the sky while the other half twinkled brightly at it's border. It was quite a striking image. Oh, this magical world we live in. Let's try harder to save it.

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