Thursday, July 21, 2011

un: Truth in Nature

Fuji Provia
Arches National Park, Utah
October 2010

If there is one thing I believe in anymore, it's that NATURE = TRUTH. I think it says a lot about the human species that we have determined ourselves to be not only separate from, but often even more important than the natural world. And it says even more that we are so perfectly content with bulldozing right through it.

A wise poet named Gary Snyder said it better than I will ever be able to when he wrote this: "Man is but a part of the fabric of life - dependent of course on the whole fabric for his very existence, and also responsible to it. As the most highly developed tool-using animal, we must recognize that the evolutionary destinies (unknown) of other life forms are to be respected, and act as gentle steward of the earth's community of being."

I guess I decided to give this blog thing a try. Wasn't sure what to start with. But I suppose this sentiment means a lot to me. So, why not start here?

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