Wednesday, August 3, 2011

dix-neuf: In The Rearview

Fuji Provia
Salt Lake City, Utah
July 2011

Kendall, Travis and Brian are the gentlemen you can spot in this photo. Three very talented gentlemen, in fact.

Natural World by Jim Harrison

The earth is almost round. The seas
are curved and hug the earth, both
ends are crowned with ice.

The great Blue Whale swims near
this ice, his heart is warm
and weighs two thousand pounds,
his tongue weighs twice as much;
he weighs one hundred fifty tons.

There are so few of him left
he often can't find a mate;
he drags his six foot sex
through icy waters,
flukes spread crashing.
His brain is large enough
for a man to sleep in.

On Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania
thousands upon thousands
upon thousands of hawks in migration
have been slaughtered for pleasure.
Drawn north or south in spring and fall;
merlin, kestrel, peregrine, gyrfalcon,
marsh hawk, red-tailed, sharp-tailed,
sharp-shinned, Swainson's Hawk,
golden eagle and osprey
slaughtered for pleasure.

They say hindsight is always 20/20. But I'm pretty sure we know what's going on as we speak.

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