Monday, August 15, 2011

trente et un: No Parking

Kodak Tri-X
Portland, Oregon
March 2011

August 14, 2011 Outlined in 14 Events:
     1. Laundromat.
     2. Grocery store.
     3. Lunch with Patsy and the Wild Animals.
     4. Laundromat again.
     5. Kickball at Lindsey Gardens.
     6. Bake fruit pizza for Joshpen's birthday party.
     7. Try to bike with fruit pizza, grudgingly turn around for car after one block.
     8. Celebrate Josphen, work out cattle loans, dance in the rain, etc.
     9. Get in car to go home.
     10. Drive two blocks.
     11. Crash into two trash cans (the owner of which was very upset).
     12. And instantly after, a parked car (the owner of which kept apologizing to me).
     13. Go to sleep feeling like I've been drop-kicked in the chest. Thank you, airbag.
     14. And have two very clear realizations:
          1. Automobiles suck worse than I had already previously imagined.
          2. Life truly can change in nothing more than a split moment.

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